Year 1963

Year 1963Events and photos of Year 1963.
17 June 1963
USA Supreme Court rules no locality may require recitation of Lord's Prayer or Bible verses in public schools
Kenya achieves independence.
Quasars are discovered by Marten Schmidt (US)
The sedative Search with google:ValiumValium (chlordiazepoxide) is developed by Roche labs
21 April 1963
Search with google:Michael E. De BakeyMichael E. De Bakey implants artificial heart in human for first time at Houston hospital; plastic device functions and patient lives for four days
22 January 1963
France and West Germany sign treaty of cooperation ending four centuries of conflict
22 November 1963
President Kennedy shot and killed by sniper in Dallas, Tex. Search with google:Lyndon B. JohnsonLyndon B. Johnson becomes president same day
24 November 1963
Search with google:Lee Harvey OswaldLee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of President Kennedy, is shot and killed by Search with google:Jack RubyJack Ruby, Dallas nightclub owner
28 August 1963
Civil rights rally held by 200,000 blacks and whites in Washington DC; Search with google:Martin Luther KingMartin Luther King delivers 'Search with google:I have a dreamI have a dream' speech
3 June 1963
Search with google:Pope John XXIIIPope John XXIII dies. Succeeded June 21 by Search with google:Cardinal MontiniCardinal Montini, who becomes Paul VI.
30 August 1963
Washington-to-Moscow 'hot line' communications link opens, designed to reduce risk of accidental war
June 1963
UK's Search with google:Profumo scandalProfumo scandal
Search with google:John F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy (May 29, 1917-Nov 22, 1963). 35° President , Democratic
Search with google:Lyndon JohnsonLyndon Johnson (Aug 27, 1908-January 22, 1973). 36° President , Democratic
26 July 1963
Iugoslavia, Skopje - 1.100 deads - magnitudo 6
Nobel Prizes Physics: Search with google:Maria Goeppert-MayerMaria Goeppert-Mayer, Search with google:J. Hans D. JensenJ. Hans D. Jensen, Search with google:Eugene P. WignerEugene P. Wigner
Nobel Prizes Peace: Search with google:International Committee of the Red CrossInternational Committee of the Red Cross, Search with google:League of Red Cross societiesLeague of Red Cross societies
Nobel Prizes Physiology or Medicine: Search with google:John Carew EcclesJohn Carew Eccles, Search with google:Alan Lloyd HodgkinAlan Lloyd Hodgkin, Search with google:Andrew Fielding HuxleyAndrew Fielding Huxley
Nobel Prizes Chemistry: Search with google:Giulio NattaGiulio Natta, Search with google:Karl ZieglerKarl Ziegler, per le loro scoperte nel campo della chimica e della tecnologia dei polimeri
Nobel Prizes Literature: Search with google:Giorgos SeferisGiorgos Seferis
NBA, Basketball NBA Championship: Boston Celtics d. Los Angeles Lakers (4-2)
UEFA Champions League, UEFA Champions League: AC Milan (Italy)
Tennis Wimbledon Women: Margaret Smith d. B.J.Moffitt (6-3 6-4)
Tennis Wimbledon Men: Chuck McKinley d. F. Stolle (9-7 6-1 6-4)
Baseball World Series: Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4-0 New York Yankees (AL)
1963 Playboy cover
Year 1963's Notable Births
1963 November 03
Afef Jnifen, actress (born at Ben Gardane, Tunisia) Scorpio
1963 December 18
Brad Pitt, movie actor (born at Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA) Sagittarius
1963 June 00
Johnny Depp, Movie Actor (born at Owensboro, Kentucky, USA) Gemini
1963 February 17
Michael Jordan, Basketball player (born at New York,USA) Aquarius
1963 August 09
Whitney Houston, singer, actress (born at Newark, USA) (dead 2012 February 11) Leo
1963 October 31
Search with google:Alessandra CanaleAlessandra Canale , television host (born at Italy) Scorpio
1963 August 16
Search with google:Alessandra CasellaAlessandra Casella , actress (born at Italy) Leo
1963 September 19
Search with google:Alessandra MartinesAlessandra Martines , actress (born at Italy) Virgo
1963 November 01
Search with google:Antonella EliaAntonella Elia , showgirl, actress Scorpio
1963 March 26
Search with google:Barbara BoncompagniBarbara Boncompagni , autrice tv Aries
1963 April 23
Search with google:Bee GeesBee Gees , Group Taurus
1963 August 04
Search with google:Beppe QuintaleBeppe Quintale , television host Leo
1963 December 22
Search with google:Bergomi GiuseppeBergomi Giuseppe , soccer player Capricorn
1963 November 09
Search with google:Biagio AntonacciBiagio Antonacci , songwriter (born at Milano,Italy) Scorpio
1963 July 15
Search with google:Brigitte NielsenBrigitte Nielsen , actress (born at Rodovre, Denmark) Cancer
Search with google:Charles BarkleyCharles Barkley , Basketball Player (born at Leeds, Alabama, USA)
Search with google:Christian VadimChristian Vadim , actor
1963 February 16
Search with google:Claudio AmendolaClaudio Amendola , actor Aquarius
1963 February 28
Search with google:Claudio ChiappucciClaudio Chiappucci , cyclist Pisces
1963 April 18
Search with google:Conan O BrianConan O Brian , actor Aries
1963 August 01
Search with google:CoolioCoolio , singer Leo
1963 February 23
Search with google:Daniela RosatiDaniela Rosati , television host Pisces
1963 March 11
Search with google:David LaChapelleDavid LaChapelle , Fotografo, artista, movie director statunitense Pisces
1963 October 31
Search with google:Dermot MulroneyDermot Mulroney , actor (born at Alexandria) Scorpio
1963 February 03
Search with google:Donatella MilaniDonatella Milani , journalist tv (born at Italy) Aquarius
1963 September 24
Search with google:Dorina VaccaroniDorina Vaccaroni , fiorettista (born at Italy) Libra
1963 December 20
Search with google:Elena Principessa di BorboneElena Principessa di Borbone , noble Sagittarius
1963 October 06
Search with google:Elizabeth ShueElizabeth Shue , actress Libra
1963 April 11
Search with google:Enrico ChieffiEnrico Chieffi , velista Aries
1963 October 28
Search with google:Eros RamazzottiEros Ramazzotti , singer Scorpio
1963 May 19
Search with google:Filippo GalliFilippo Galli , opinionista sportivo Taurus
1963 October 02
Search with google:Francesca DelleraFrancesca Dellera , actress Libra
1963 January 10
Search with google:Francesco PanettaFrancesco Panetta , athlete Capricorn
1963 April 13
Search with google:Gary KasparovGary Kasparov , scacchista Aries
1963 June 25
Search with google:George MichaelGeorge Michael , singer (born at London,United Kingdom) (dead 2016 December 25) Cancer
Search with google:Greg KinnearGreg Kinnear , actor
Search with google:Hakeem OlajuwonHakeem Olajuwon , Basketball Player
1963 June 15
Search with google:Helen HuntHelen Hunt , actress Gemini
1963 December 15
Search with google:Helen SlaterHelen Slater , actress Sagittarius
1963 April 04
Search with google:Irene PivettiIrene Pivetti , politician, Presidente della Camera Aries
1963 May 24
Search with google:Ivan CapelliIvan Capelli , Formula1 driver Gemini
1963 November 05
Search with google:J. Pierre PapinJ. Pierre Papin , soccer player Scorpio
1963 January 12
Search with google:Jason ConneryJason Connery , actor Capricorn
1963 April 27
Search with google:Jason GrayJason Gray , actor Taurus
Search with google:Jeanne TripplehornJeanne Tripplehorn , actress
1963 December 19
Search with google:Jennifer BealsJennifer Beals , actress Sagittarius
1963 April 26
Search with google:Jet LiJet Li , actor Taurus
1963 January 26
Search with google:Jose Mario dos Santos Felix MourinhoJose Mario dos Santos Felix Mourinho , PPP (born at Setubal,Portugal) Aquarius
Search with google:Jose MourinhoJose Mourinho , Soccer Coach
1963 April 08
Search with google:Julian LennonJulian Lennon , singer Aries
1963 October 19
Search with google:Laurent Principe del BelgioLaurent Principe del Belgio , Libra
1963 May 17
Search with google:Luca CadoloraLuca Cadolora , motorcyclist Taurus
1963 April 29
Search with google:Luca LaurentiLuca Laurenti , television host Taurus
1963 January 31
Search with google:Manuela Di CentaManuela Di Centa , sciatrice (born at Paluzza,Italy) Aquarius
1963 May 16
Search with google:Marina MessironiMarina Messironi , actress comica Taurus
1963 October 28
Search with google:Mario VenutiMario Venuti , singer Scorpio
1963 February 26
Search with google:Mark DacascosMark Dacascos , actor Pisces
1963 July 08
Search with google:Massimo CavallariMassimo Cavallari , actor comic 'i fichi d'india' Cancer
Search with google:Maurizio BernardoMaurizio Bernardo , politician
1963 March 09
Search with google:Maurizio SteccaMaurizio Stecca , boxer Pisces
1963 January 21
Search with google:Max TortoraMax Tortora , actor comic Aquarius
1963 May 25
Search with google:Mike MyersMike Myers , actor Gemini
1963 May 11
Search with google:Natasha RichardsonNatasha Richardson , actress (dead 2009 March 18) Taurus
1963 March 19
Search with google:Neil LaButeNeil LaBute , actor Pisces
1963 November 21
Search with google:Nicolette SheridanNicolette Sheridan , actress Scorpio
1963 July 16
Search with google:Phoebe CatesPhoebe Cates , actor Cancer
1963 March 27
Search with google:Quentin Tarantino JeromeQuentin Tarantino Jerome , movie director, actor, sceneggiatore (born at Knoxville,Tennessee, USA) Aries
1963 August 21
Search with google:Re Mohamed VI del MaroccoRe Mohamed VI del Marocco , Re Leo
Search with google:Rob SchneiderRob Schneider , Movie Actor
1963 September 09
Search with google:Roberto DonadoniRoberto Donadoni , soccer player Virgo
1963 April 12
Search with google:Roberto Fabian AyalaRoberto Fabian Ayala , soccer player Aries
1963 June 30
Search with google:Rupert GravesRupert Graves , actor Cancer
1963 July 25
Search with google:Sabina GuzzantiSabina Guzzanti , actress comica Leo
1963 December 04
Search with google:Sergej BubkaSergej Bubka , sportivo Sagittarius
1963 December 06
Search with google:Silvio FresiaSilvio Fresia , journalist Sagittarius
1963 February 03
Search with google:Stefano MeiStefano Mei , athlete Aquarius
1963 January 14
Search with google:Steven SoderberghSteven Soderbergh , actor Capricorn
1963 January 30
Search with google:Susanna MessaggioSusanna Messaggio , actress, television host Aquarius
1963 November 05
Search with google:Tatum O NeilTatum O Neil , actress (born at Los Angeles,California,USA) Scorpio
1963 August 22
Search with google:Tori AmosTori Amos , singer (born at Newton, North Carolina, USA) Leo
1963 May 29
Search with google:Ukyo KatayamaUkyo Katayama , ex Formula1 driver Gemini
1963 July 04
Search with google:Ute LemperUte Lemper , actress Cancer
1963 March 18
Search with google:Vanessa L. WilliamsVanessa L. Williams , actress Pisces
Search with google:Vanessa WilliamsVanessa Williams , TV Actress
1963 September 11
Search with google:Virginia MadsenVirginia Madsen , actress Virgo
1963 February 21
Search with google:William BaldwinWilliam Baldwin , actor Pisces
Year 1963's Notable Deaths
1963 October 11
Search with google:Edith PiafEdith Piaf , singer(Giovanna Gassion) (dead at Grasse) (born 1915 December 19) Sagittarius
1963 August 31
Search with google:Georges BraqueGeorges Braque , painter,sculptor beginnes of the cubism (born 1882 May 13) Taurus
1963 October 11
Search with google:Jean CocteauJean Cocteau , poet, writer, drammaturgo,artist (born 1889 July 05) Cancer
1963 November 22
Search with google:John Fitzgerald KennedyJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy , ex Presidente USA (dead at Dallas, Texas, USA) (born 1917 May 29) Gemini
1963 November 24
Search with google:Lee Harvey OswaldLee Harvey Oswald , JFK's assassinator
1963 June 03
Search with google:Papa Giovanni XXIIIPapa Giovanni XXIII , pope (born 1881 November 25) Sagittarius
1963 March 05
Search with google:Patsy ClinePatsy Cline , singer country (Virginia Patterson Hensley) (dead at Camden) (born 1932 September 08) Virgo
1963 February 06
Search with google:Piero ManzoniPiero Manzoni , Artista (born 1933 July 13) Cancer
1963 June 03
Search with google:Pope John XXIIIPope John XXIII , Pope (1958-~1963~)(Angelo G Roncalli)
1963 January 29
Search with google:Robert FrostRobert Frost , poet, 4 Pulitzers
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