Year 1965

Year 1965Events and photos of Year 1965.
1 February 1965
Rev. Dr. Search with google:Martin Luther King, Jr.Martin Luther King, Jr., and more than 2,600 others arrested in Selma, Ala., during demonstrations against voter-registration rules
18 March 1965
Soviet cosmonaut Search with google:Aleksei LeonovAleksei Leonov performs the first spacewalk
Search with google:Malcolm XMalcolm X, black-nationalist leader, shot to death at Harlem rally
Search with google:Early BirdEarly Bird, the first commercial communications satellite, is launched
The first USA combat troops arrive in Vietnam. By the end of the year, 190,000 American soldiers are in Vietnam
3 June 1965
Search with google:Edward White IIEdward White II becomes the first American to walk in space
04 February 1965
Alaska, Rat Islands - magnitudo 8.7
Nobel Prizes Physics: Search with google:Richard P. FeynmanRichard P. Feynman, Search with google:Julian SchwingerJulian Schwinger, Search with google:Sin-Itiro TomonagaSin-Itiro Tomonaga
Nobel Prizes Chemistry: Search with google:Robert Burns WoodwardRobert Burns Woodward, per i suoi notevoli successi nella sintesi organica
Nobel Prizes Physiology or Medicine: Search with google:François JacobFrançois Jacob, Search with google:Andre LwoffAndre Lwoff, Search with google:Jacques MonodJacques Monod
Nobel Prizes Peace: $United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund$ (Search with google:UNICEFUNICEF)
Nobel Prizes Literature: Search with google:Michail SholokhovMichail Sholokhov
Tennis Wimbledon Women: Margaret Smith d. M.Bueno (6-4 7-5)
NBA, Basketball NBA Championship: Boston Celtics d. Los Angeles Lakers (4-1)
Tennis Wimbledon Men: Roy Emerson d. F. Stolle (6-2 6-4 6-4)
Baseball World Series: Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4-3 Minnesota Twins (AL)
UEFA Champions League, UEFA Champions League: FC Internazionale Milano (Italy)
1965 Playboy cover
Year 1965's Notable Births
1965 November 30
Ben Stiller, actor (born at New York City,USA) Sagittarius
1965 May 31
Brooke Shields, actress (born at New York, USA) Gemini
1965 January 22
Diane Lane, actress (born at New York City, USA) Aquarius
1965 June 10
Elizabeth Hurley, actress, model (born at Basingstoke,UK) Gemini
1965 December 03
Katarina Witt, ice skater (born at Staaken, Berlin, Germany) Sagittarius
1965 March 25
Sarah Jessica Parker, actress (born at Nelsonville, Ohio, USA) Aries
1965 November 05
Search with google:Agnese NanoAgnese Nano , actress Scorpio
1965 January 27
Search with google:Alan CummingAlan Cumming , Actor Aquarius
1965 February 24
Search with google:Alessandro GassmanAlessandro Gassman , actor Pisces
1965 January 07
Search with google:Alessandro LambruschiniAlessandro Lambruschini , athlete Capricorn
1965 July 10
Search with google:Alessia Principessa di %Greece%Alessia Principessa di %Greece% , Noble Cancer
1965 July 29
Search with google:Andrea ZorziAndrea Zorzi , volleyball player Leo
1965 November 27
Search with google:Anna MirabileAnna Mirabile , conduttrice radiofonica Sagittarius
1965 November 21
Search with google:BjorkBjork , singer (born at ReykjavÝk,Islanda) Scorpio
1965 November 21
Search with google:Bj÷rkBj÷rk , Singer Scorpio
1965 November 21
Search with google:Bj÷rk Gu­mundsdˇttirBj÷rk Gu­mundsdˇttir , musician, compositrice, singer (born at ReykjavÝk) Scorpio
1965 February 01
Search with google:Brandon LeeBrandon Lee , Movie Actor (sohn of Bruce Lee) (born at Oakland, California,USA) (dead 1993 March 31) Aquarius
1965 September 03
Search with google:Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen , actor Virgo
Search with google:Chris RockChris Rock , Rapper
1965 May 17
Search with google:Claudia KollClaudia Koll , actress Taurus
1965 May 17
Search with google:Corrado GuzzantiCorrado Guzzanti , actor comic (born at Italy) Taurus
1965 September 03
Search with google:Costas MandylorCostas Mandylor , actor Virgo
Search with google:Cristina Principessa di BorboneCristina Principessa di Borbone , noble
1965 May 11
Search with google:Davide van de SfroosDavide van de Sfroos , PPP Taurus
1965 February 18
Search with google:Dr. DreDr. Dre , disk jockey (born at (Compton,USA) Aquarius
1965 November 10
Search with google:Eddie Irvine EdmundEddie Irvine Edmund , pilota automobilistico Scorpio
1965 July 28
Search with google:Eliana MiglioEliana Miglio , actress (born at Italy) Leo
1965 February 07
Search with google:Emanuela FollieroEmanuela Folliero , presentatrice tv Aquarius
1965 August 14
Search with google:Emmanuelle BŔartEmmanuelle BŔart , actress Leo
1965 June 03
Search with google:Enrico PapiEnrico Papi , conduttore, actor, singer (born at Rome,Italy) Gemini
1965 October 05
Search with google:Famke JanssenFamke Janssen , actress Libra
1965 February 20
Search with google:Federica MoroFederica Moro , actress Pisces
1965 April 11
Search with google:Francesco ConsiglioFrancesco Consiglio , writer,drammaturgo Aries
1965 June 21
Search with google:Franšois BaroinFranšois Baroin , movie critic Gemini
1965 January 24
Search with google:Guido ContiGuido Conti , writer Aquarius
1965 October 28
Search with google:Huber GuentherHuber Guenther , athlete Scorpio
1965 July 25
Search with google:Illeana DuglasIlleana Duglas , actress Leo
1965 July 31
Search with google:J.K. RowlingJ.K. Rowling , Author (born at Yate, UK) Leo
1965 February 07
Search with google:Jason GedrickJason Gedrick , actor Aquarius
1965 August 13
Search with google:Jorge PerugorrýaJorge Perugorrýa , actor Leo
1965 January 04
Search with google:Julia OrmondJulia Ormond , actress Capricorn
1965 April 26
Search with google:Kevin JamesKevin James , Movie Actor (born at Mineola, New York, USA) Taurus
1965 January 19
Search with google:Kevin McLauglinKevin McLauglin , actor Capricorn
1965 June 21
Search with google:Larry WachowskiLarry Wachowski , movie director (born at Chicago,USA) Gemini
1965 February 17
Search with google:Leonardo PieraccioniLeonardo Pieraccioni , actor,movie director Aquarius
1965 May 10
Search with google:Linda EvangelisaLinda Evangelisa , actress Taurus
1965 August 10
Search with google:Lorella CuccariniLorella Cuccarini , showgirl Leo
1965 April 21
Search with google:Luana ColossiLuana Colossi , actress Taurus
1965 May 02
Search with google:Luis SuarezLuis Suarez , soccer player Taurus
1965 December 02
Search with google:Luisa CornaLuisa Corna , television host, singer Sagittarius
1965 August 06
Search with google:Marco LiorniMarco Liorni , television host Leo
1965 August 19
Search with google:Maria de MedeirosMaria de Medeiros , actress Leo
1965 December 13
Search with google:Maria Giulia CavalliMaria Giulia Cavalli , actress Sagittarius
1965 January 08
Search with google:Maria PitilloMaria Pitillo , actress Capricorn
1965 August 24
Search with google:Marlee Beth MatlinMarlee Beth Matlin , actress (born at Morton Grove) Virgo
1965 February 08
Search with google:Mathilda MayMathilda May , actress Aquarius
1965 January 15
Search with google:Maurizio FondriestMaurizio Fondriest , cyclist (born at Cles,Trento) Capricorn
1965 January 23
Search with google:Max PisuMax Pisu , actor Aquarius
1965 May 10
Search with google:Melba RuffoMelba Ruffo , actress Taurus
1965 February 17
Search with google:Michael BayMichael Bay , actor Aquarius
1965 October 06
Search with google:Paola FerrariPaola Ferrari , actress Libra
1965 April 19
Search with google:Paolo CanŔPaolo CanŔ , Tennis player Aries
1965 October 13
Search with google:Philippe TorretonPhilippe Torreton , actor Libra
1965 July 23
Search with google:Pierpaolo FerrazziPierpaolo Ferrazzi , canoista Leo
1965 April 04
Search with google:Robert Downey JrRobert Downey Jr , Movie Actor (born at Manhattan, New York City, USA) Aries
1965 February 17
Search with google:Rosita CelentanoRosita Celentano , television host (born at Milano,Italy) Aquarius
1965 October 11
Search with google:S. Patrick FlaneryS. Patrick Flanery , actor Libra
1965 August 01
Search with google:Sam MendesSam Mendes , actor Leo
1965 September 25
Search with google:Scottie PippenScottie Pippen , Basketball Player (born at Hamburg, Arkansas,USA) Libra
1965 November 02
Search with google:Shahrukh KhanShahrukh Khan , Movie Actor (born at Nuova Delhi, India) Scorpio
1965 July 22
Search with google:Shawn MichaelsShawn Michaels , Wrestler (born at Chandler, Arizona, USA) Cancer
1965 February 01
Search with google:Sherilyn FennSherilyn Fenn , actress Aquarius
1965 April 01
Search with google:Simona VenturaSimona Ventura , show girl Aries
1965 January 20
Search with google:Sophie Rhys-JonesSophie Rhys-Jones , sposa Edoardo d'Inghilterra Capricorn
1965 February 01
Search with google:Stefania GrimaldiStefania Grimaldi , Principess of Monaco Aquarius
1965 June 16
Search with google:The DoorsThe Doors , Group Gemini
1965 November 14
Search with google:Tina CipollariTina Cipollari , opinionista tv (born at Viterbo,Italy) Scorpio
1965 May 23
Search with google:Tom TykwerTom Tykwer , movie director (born at Wuppertal) Gemini
1965 August 29
Search with google:ToscaTosca , singer (T. Donati) Virgo
1965 December 28
Search with google:Tracy MooreTracy Moore , athlete Capricorn
1965 February 19
Search with google:Veronica PivettiVeronica Pivetti , actress (born at Italy) Aquarius
1965 February 23
Search with google:Veronica WebVeronica Web , top model Pisces
1965 December 14
Search with google:Vinicio CaposselaVinicio Capossela , singer (born at Hannover,Germany) Sagittarius
1965 June 24
Search with google:Vladimir LuxuriaVladimir Luxuria , politician, travestito (Wladimiro Guadagno) Cancer
1965 January 04
Search with google:Yvan AttalYvan Attal , actor Capricorn
Year 1965's Notable Deaths
1965 May 27
Antonio Ligabue, painter (dead at Gualtieri,Italy) (born 1899 December 18) Sagittarius
1965 February 26
Search with google:Jimmie Lee JacksonJimmie Lee Jackson , civil rights activist
1965 December 05
Search with google:Joseph ErlangerJoseph Erlanger , physiologist, Nobel laureate for shock therapy (born (1874))
1965 August 27
Search with google:Le CorbusierLe Corbusier , architect (Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris) (dead at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France) (born 1887 October 06) Libra
1965 February 21
Search with google:Malcolm XMalcolm X , black Moslem leader,human rights activist (dead at New York,USA) (born 1925 May 19) Taurus
1965 February 15
Search with google:Nat King ColeNat King Cole , singer
1965 August 08
Search with google:Shirley JacksonShirley Jackson , author
1965 February 23
Search with google:Stan LaurelStan Laurel , actor (born (1890))
1965 January 04
Search with google:Thomas Stearns EliotThomas Stearns Eliot , poet,Nobel laureate (Washed Country) (dead at London,UK) (born 1888 September 26) Libra
1965 January 24
Search with google:Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill , Politician (dead at London,United Kingdom) (born 1874 November 30) Sagittarius
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