Year 1967

Year 1967Events and photos of Year 1967.
17 June 1967
Red China announces explosion of its first hydrogen bomb
23 July 1967
Racial violence in Detroit; 7,000 National Guardsmen aid police after night of rioting. Similar outbreaks occur in New York City's Spanish Harlem, Rochester, N.Y., Birmingham, Ala., and New Britain, Conn
27 January 1967
Three Apollo astronautsŚCol. Search with google:Virgil I. GrissomVirgil I. Grissom, Col. Search with google:Edward White IIEdward White II, and Lt. Cmdr. Search with google:Roger B. ChaffeeRoger B. Chaffee killed in spacecraft fire during simulated launch
3 December 1967
Dr. Search with google:Christiaan N. BarnardChristiaan N. Barnard and team of South African surgeons perform world's first successful human heart transplant. Patient dies 18 days later
30 May 1967
Search with google:BiafraBiafra secedes from Nigeria
5 June 1967
Israeli and Arab forces battle; six-day war ends with Israel occupying Search with google:Sinai PeninsulaSinai Peninsula, Search with google:Golan HeightsGolan Heights, Search with google:Gaza StripGaza Strip, and east bank of Search with google:Suez CanalSuez Canal
Nobel Prizes Physics: Search with google:Hans Albrecht BetheHans Albrecht Bethe
Nobel Prizes Chemistry: Search with google:Manfred EigenManfred Eigen, Search with google:Ronald George Wreyford NorrishRonald George Wreyford Norrish, Search with google:George PorterGeorge Porter, per i loro studi sulle reazioni fotochimiche veloci, effettuati attraverso la creazione di uno stato di disequilibrio generato da piccoli impulsi di energia
Nobel Prizes Physiology or Medicine: Search with google:Ragnar GranitRagnar Granit, Search with google:Haldan Keffer HartlineHaldan Keffer Hartline, Search with google:George WaldGeorge Wald
Nobel Prizes Peace: not assigned
Nobel Prizes Literature: Search with google:Miguel Angel AsturiasMiguel Angel Asturias
Tennis Wimbledon Women: Billie Jean King d. A.Jones (6-3 6-4)
NBA, Basketball NBA Championship: Philadelphia 76ers d. SF Warriors (4-2)
Tennis Wimbledon Men: John Newcombe d. W. Bungert (6-3 6-1 6-1)
Baseball World Series: St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-3 Boston Red Sox (AL)
Football I Super Bowl: Green Bay Packers d. Kansas City (35-10)
UEFA Champions League, UEFA Champions League: Celtic (Scotland)
1967 Playboy cover
Year 1967's Notable Births
1967 November 28
Anna Nicole Smith, actress, playboy (born at Mexia, Texas, USA) (dead 2007 February 08) Sagittarius
1967 February 19
Benicio del Toro, actor (born at San German, Puerto Rico) Aquarius
1967 December 23
Carla Bruni Tedeschi, model, songwriter (born at Torino,Italy) Capricorn
1967 October 28
Julia Roberts, actress (born at Smyrna, Georgia, USA) Scorpio
1967 October 13
Kate Walsh, Movie Actress (born at San Jose, California,USA) Libra
1967 June 20
Nicole Kidman, actress (born at Honolulu, Hawaii, USA) Gemini
1967 July 01
Pamela Anderson, TV Actress (born at Ladysmith, Canada) Cancer
1967 September 09
Search with google:Akshay KumarAkshay Kumar , actor (born at Amritsar) Virgo
1967 June 18
Search with google:Alessandro TacchiniAlessandro Tacchini , journalist, writer,conduttore televisivo (born at Vercelli,Italy) Gemini
1967 May 19
Search with google:AlexiaAlexia , singer Taurus
1967 January 23
Search with google:Ambra OrfeiAmbra Orfei , circense (born at Roma) Aquarius
1967 February 27
Search with google:Andrea PellizzariAndrea Pellizzari , television host Pisces
1967 February 20
Search with google:Andrew ShyeAndrew Shye , actor Pisces
1967 December 29
Search with google:Andy WachowskiAndy Wachowski , actor Capricorn
1967 November 22
Search with google:Boris BeckerBoris Becker , Tennis player Scorpio
1967 August 21
Search with google:Carrie-Anne MossCarrie-Anne Moss , actress (born at Burnaby) Leo
1967 May 07
Search with google:Chiara CaselliChiara Caselli , actress Taurus
Search with google:Eddie GuerreroEddie Guerrero , Wrestler (dead 2005)
1967 July 19
Search with google:Elisabeth NottoliElisabeth Nottoli , actress Cancer
1967 July 01
Search with google:Elisabetta CavallottiElisabetta Cavallotti , actress Cancer
1967 October 11
Search with google:Fabio De LuigiFabio De Luigi , actor Libra
1967 October 27
Search with google:Federica PanicucciFederica Panicucci , television host Scorpio
1967 August 08
Search with google:Francesco GiorginoFrancesco Giorgino , journalist Leo
1967 September 09
Search with google:Franco TrentalanceFranco Trentalance , actor porno (born at Bologna,Italy) Virgo
1967 November 15
Search with google:Franšois OzonFranšois Ozon , actor Scorpio
1967 May 13
Search with google:Frederic BouralyFrederic Bouraly , WORK Taurus
1967 May 20
Search with google:Gabriele MuccinoGabriele Muccino , actor Taurus
1967 July 29
Search with google:GenesisGenesis , Group Leo
1967 May 27
Search with google:Gerardina TrovatoGerardina Trovato , singer Gemini
1967 October 11
Search with google:Gianmarco TognazziGianmarco Tognazzi , actor,movie director (born at Italy) Libra
1967 June 20
Search with google:Gianni FantoniGianni Fantoni , writer, actor, comic, conduttore,autore (born at Ferrara,Italy) Gemini
1967 February 24
Search with google:Gigi D AlessioGigi D Alessio , songwriter Pisces
1967 October 05
Search with google:Guy PearceGuy Pearce , singer Libra
1967 September 11
Search with google:Harry Connick jr.Harry Connick jr. , actor Virgo
1967 May 18
Search with google:Heinz Harald FrentzenHeinz Harald Frentzen , Formula1 driver Taurus
1967 May 18
Search with google:Heinz-Harald FrentzenHeinz-Harald Frentzen , pilota di Formula 1 Taurus
1967 November 16
Search with google:Ines NobiliInes Nobili , actress Scorpio
1967 January 18
Search with google:Ivan ZamoranoIvan Zamorano , soccer player Capricorn
Search with google:Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx , Movie Actor
Search with google:Jason StathamJason Statham , Movie Actor
1967 January 07
Search with google:Johannes BrandrupJohannes Brandrup , actor Capricorn
1967 August 26
Search with google:Kelly MadisonKelly Madison , actress pornografica (born at Newport Beach) Virgo
1967 February 20
Search with google:Kurt CobainKurt Cobain , Singer (born at Aberdeen, Washington DC, USA) (dead 1994 April 05) Pisces
1967 February 10
Search with google:Laura DernLaura Dern , actress Aquarius
1967 November 16
Search with google:Lisa BonetLisa Bonet , actress Scorpio
1967 May 02
Search with google:Luigi ApolloniLuigi Apolloni , soccer player Taurus
1967 October 20
Search with google:Luigi Lo CascioLuigi Lo Cascio , actor Libra
1967 September 07
Search with google:Macy GrayMacy Gray , singer, actress (Natalie Renee McIntyre) (born at Canton) Virgo
1967 March 22
Search with google:Mario CipolliniMario Cipollini , cyclist Aries
1967 July 25
Search with google:Matt Le BlancMatt Le Blanc , actor Leo
1967 March 25
Search with google:Matthey BarneyMatthey Barney , actor Aries
1967 August 03
Search with google:Matthieu KassovitzMatthieu Kassovitz , actress Leo
1967 July 06
Search with google:Max GazzŔMax GazzŔ , PPP Cancer
1967 November 14
Search with google:Max PezzaliMax Pezzali , singer '883' Scorpio
1967 September 28
Search with google:Mira SorvinoMira Sorvino , actress Libra
1967 April 14
Search with google:Nicola BertiNicola Berti , soccer player Aries
1967 May 29
Search with google:Noel GallagherNoel Gallagher , musician Gemini
1967 September 18
Search with google:NomadiNomadi , Group Virgo
1967 September 28
Search with google:Otis Carre Otis Carre , actor Libra
1967 April 28
Search with google:Paola BaralePaola Barale , television host, actress Taurus
1967 May 20
Search with google:Paolo Principe di %Greece%Paolo Principe di %Greece% , Noble Taurus
1967 July 23
Search with google:Philip Seymour HoffmanPhilip Seymour Hoffman , actor Leo
1967 September 25
Search with google:Pink FloydPink Floyd , Group Libra
Search with google:R. KellyR. Kelly , Singer
1967 February 18
Search with google:Roberto BaggioRoberto Baggio , soccer player (born at Caldogno,Italy) Aquarius
1967 October 29
Search with google:Rufus SewellRufus Sewell , actor Scorpio
1967 September 02
Search with google:Ruggero RizzitelliRuggero Rizzitelli , soccer player Virgo
1967 October 24
Search with google:Sabrina KnafitzSabrina Knafitz , actress Scorpio
Search with google:Sam HarrisSam Harris , writer
1967 May 31
Search with google:Sandrine BonnaireSandrine Bonnaire , actress Gemini
1967 March 27
Search with google:Talisa SotoTalisa Soto , actress Aries
1967 May 14
Search with google:Valeria MariniValeria Marini , actress Taurus
1967 October 31
Search with google:Vanilla IceVanilla Ice , Rapper (born at South Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA) Scorpio
1967 July 18
Search with google:Vin DieselVin Diesel , actor(Mark Vincent Sinclair III) (born at New York,USA) Cancer
1967 September 14
Search with google:Wendy WindhamWendy Windham , television host Virgo
1967 July 16
Search with google:Will FerrellWill Ferrell , Movie Actor (born at Irvine,California,USA) Cancer
1967 April 27
Search with google:William Principe d OlandaWilliam Principe d Olanda , Noble Taurus
Year 1967's Notable Deaths
1967 May 15
Edward Hopper, painter statunitense (born 1882 July 22) Cancer
1967 June 29
Jayne Mansfield, actress (dead at Orleans Parish, Louisiana,USA) (born 1933 April 19) Aries
1967 August 15
Rene Magritte, painter belga (dead at Brussels, Belgium) (born 1898 November 21) Scorpio
1967 June 07
Search with google:Dorothy ParkerDorothy Parker , writer (Enough Rope)
1967 October 09
Search with google:Ernesto Che GuevaraErnesto Che Guevara , Marxist revolutionary (dead at La Higuera, Bolivia) (born 1928 June 14) Gemini
1967 03
Search with google:Jack RubyJack Ruby , assassin who killed assassin Lee Harvey Oswald
1967 17
Search with google:John ColtraneJohn Coltrane , jazz sax/composer
1967 January 08
Search with google:Josef FrankJosef Frank , architect austriaco - svedese (born 1885 July 15) Cancer
1967 October 09
Search with google:Joseph PilatesJoseph Pilates , Insegnante e imprenditore tedesco naturalizzato statunitense (born 1883 December 09) Sagittarius
1967 19
Search with google:Konrad AdenauerKonrad Adenauer , West %Germany% chancellor(1949-~1963~)
1967 January 27
Search with google:Luigi TencoLuigi Tenco , singer (dead at Sanremo) (born 1938 March 21) Aries
1967 December 10
Search with google:Otis ReddingOtis Redding , ?? (born 1941 September 09) Virgo
1967 June 29
Search with google:Primo CarneraPrimo Carnera , boxer (dead at Sequals,Italy) (born 1906 October 25) Scorpio
1967 18
Search with google:Robert OppenheimerRobert Oppenheimer , creator of atomic bomb
1967 June 10
Search with google:Spencer TracySpencer Tracy , actor
1967 April 15
Search with google:Tot˛Tot˛ , actor (dead at Rome,Italy) (born 1898 February 15) Aquarius
1967 December 30
Search with google:Vincent MasseyVincent Massey , Governor General of Canada
1967 July 07
Search with google:Vivian LeighVivian Leigh , actress (Mary Hartley, Lady Olivier) (dead at London,UK) (born 1913 November 05) Scorpio
1967 July 07
Search with google:Vivien LeighVivien Leigh , actress (Vivian Mary Hartley) (dead at London,UK) (born 1913 November 05) Scorpio
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