Year 1969

Year 1969Events and photos of Year 1969.
15-17 August 1969
Woodstock Festival
18 July 1969
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy pleads guilty to leaving scene of fatal accident at Chappaquiddick, Mass., in which Mary Jo Kopechne was drowned—gets two-month suspended sentence
27-year-old Colonel Search with google:Muammar al-QaddafiMuammar al-Qaddafi deposes Search with google:King Idris of LibyaKing Idris of Libya and establishes a pro-Arabic, anti-Western, Islamic republic
Internet (ARPA) goes online
1969 January 20
Search with google:Richard M. NixonRichard M. Nixon is inaugurated 37th President of the US
1969 July 20
Apollo 11 astronauts—Neil A. Armstrong and Search with google:Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., take first walk on the Moon
20 January 1969
Richard M. Nixon is inaugurated 37th president of the USA
20 July 1969
Apollo 11 astronauts—Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., and Michael Collins—take man's first walk on moon
28 June 1969
Stonewall riot in New York City marks beginning of gay rights movement
August 1969
half a million people gather near Search with google:WoodstockWoodstock for four days of drugs and rock 'n' roll. Performers include Search with google:Janis JoplinJanis Joplin, Search with google:Jimi HendrixJimi Hendrix, Search with google:The WhoThe Who,Search with google:Joan BaezJoan Baez,Search with google:CrosbyCrosby,Search with google:StillsStills,Search with google:Nash and YoungNash and Young,Search with google:Jefferson Airplane and SlyJefferson Airplane and Sly
Search with google:Lyndon JohnsonLyndon Johnson (Aug 27, 1908-January 22, 1973). 36° President , Democratic
Search with google:Richard NixonRichard Nixon (January 09, 1913 -April 22, 1994). 37° President , Repubblican
Nobel Prizes Physics: Search with google:Murray Gell-MannMurray Gell-Mann
Nobel Prizes Literature: Search with google:Samuel BeckettSamuel Beckett
Nobel Prizes Economy: Search with google:Ragnar FrischRagnar Frisch, Search with google:January TinbergenJanuary Tinbergen
Nobel Prizes Peace: Search with google:International Labour OrganizationInternational Labour Organization
Nobel Prizes Physiology or Medicine: Search with google:Max DelbruckMax Delbruck, Search with google:Alfred D. HersheyAlfred D. Hershey, Search with google:Salvador E. LuriaSalvador E. Luria
Nobel Prizes Chemistry: Search with google:Derek Harold Richard BartonDerek Harold Richard Barton, Search with google:Odd HasselOdd Hassel, per il loro contributo allo sviluppo del concetto di conformazione e l'applicazione nel campo della chimica
NBA, Basketball NBA Championship: Boston d. Los Angeles Lakers (4-3)
Tennis Wimbledon Women: Ann Jones d. B.J.King (3-6 6-3 6-2)6-4)
Tennis Wimbledon Men: Rod Laver d. J. Newcombe (6-4 5-7 6-4 6-4)
Baseball World Series: New York Mets (NL) 4-1 Baltimore Orioles (AL)
Football III Super Bowl: New York Jets d. Baltimore Colts (16-7)
UEFA Champions League, UEFA Champions League: AC Milan (Italy)
1969 Playboy cover
Year 1969's Notable Births
1969 May 14
Cate Blanchett, actress (born at Melbourne,Australia) Taurus
1969 September 25
Catherine Zeta-Jones, actress (born at Swansea, United Kingdom) Libra
1969 February 11
Jennifer Aniston, actress (born at Sherman Oaks, California,USA) Aquarius
1969 July 24
Jennifer Lopez, actress (born at Castle Hill, New York,USA) Leo
1969 January 03
Michael Schumacher, Formula1 driver (born at Hürth, Germany) Capricorn
1969 September 08
Rachel Hunter, model (born at Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand) Virgo
1969 April 25
Renee Zellweger, actress (born at Baytown, Texas, USA) Taurus
1969 June 16
Search with google:Andrea CesselAndrea Cessel , athlete (born at San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy) Gemini
1969 July 25
Search with google:Annarita SidotiAnnarita Sidoti , athlete (born at Gioiosa Marea, Italy) (dead 2015 May 21) Leo
1969 May 25
Search with google:Anne Celeste HecheAnne Celeste Heche , actress (born at Ohio,USA) Gemini
1969 May 25
Search with google:Anne HecheAnne Heche , actress Gemini
1969 July 31
Search with google:Antonio ConteAntonio Conte , soccer player (born at Italy) Leo
1969 October 28
Search with google:Ben HarperBen Harper , - Scorpio
1969 March 12
Search with google:Beppe FiorelloBeppe Fiorello , actor Pisces
1969 February 05
Search with google:Bobby BrownBobby Brown , Singer-Songwriter (born at Boston,United States) Aquarius
1969 August 18
Search with google:Christian SlaterChristian Slater , actor (born at New York,USA) Leo
1969 January 02
Search with google:Christy TurlingtonChristy Turlington , model Capricorn
1969 April 03
Search with google:Clotilde CourauClotilde Courau , actress Aries
1969 September 13
Search with google:Daniel FonsecaDaniel Fonseca , soccer player Virgo
1969 February 12
Search with google:Darren AronofskyDarren Aronofsky , actor Aquarius
1969 November 04
Search with google:Diana BianchediDiana Bianchedi , schermitrice Scorpio
1969 August 18
Search with google:Edward NortonEdward Norton , actor, movie director, producer (born at Boston,USA) Leo
1969 October 06
Search with google:Elisabeth Judson ShueElisabeth Judson Shue , actress Libra
1969 September 29
Search with google:Emily LloydEmily Lloyd , actress Libra
1969 September 29
Search with google:Erika Maya EleniakErika Maya Eleniak , actress, model Libra
1969 June 28
Search with google:Fabrizio MoriFabrizio Mori , athlete Cancer
1969 September 14
Search with google:Francesco AntonioliFrancesco Antonioli , soccer player Virgo
1969 March 31
Search with google:Francesco MorieroFrancesco Moriero , soccer player Aries
1969 February 15
Search with google:Fulvio ValbusaFulvio Valbusa , skier Aquarius
1969 February 01
Search with google:Gabriel BatistutaGabriel Batistuta , soccer player Aquarius
1969 June 21
Search with google:Gabriella ParuzziGabriella Paruzzi , sciatrice Gemini
1969 July 03
Search with google:Gedeon BurkhardGedeon Burkhard , actor Cancer
1969 March 27
Search with google:Gianluigi LentiniGianluigi Lentini , soccer player (born at Italy) Aries
1969 January 28
Search with google:Giorgio LambertiGiorgio Lamberti , athlete Aquarius
1969 April 09
Search with google:Giovanni AlleviGiovanni Allevi , musician,pianist Aries
1969 December 12
Search with google:Giuseppe FiorelloGiuseppe Fiorello , actor Sagittarius
1969 January 22
Search with google:Grigorij Efimovic RasputinGrigorij Efimovic Rasputin , monaco russo Aquarius
1969 October 03
Search with google:Gwen StefaniGwen Stefani , singer (born at Fullerton, California,USA) Libra
1969 June 15
Search with google:Ice CubeIce Cube , rap singer Gemini
1969 February 02
Search with google:Igor ShalimovIgor Shalimov , soccer player Aquarius
1969 December 06
Search with google:Irene GrandiIrene Grandi , singer Sagittarius
1969 March 28
Search with google:Ivan GottiIvan Gotti , cyclist Aries
1969 January 14
Search with google:Jason BatemanJason Bateman , actor Capricorn
1969 March 01
Search with google:Javier BardemJavier Bardem , actor Pisces
1969 December 04
Search with google:Jay-ZJay-Z , Rapper (born at Brooklyn, New York City,USA) Sagittarius
1969 October 27
Search with google:Jean DjorkaeffJean Djorkaeff , soccer player Scorpio
1969 February 22
Search with google:Joaquin CortèsJoaquin Cortès , ballerino Pisces
1969 07
Search with google:Joe SakicJoe Sakic , NHL center (born at Burnaby British Columbia)
1969 December 21
Search with google:Julie DelpyJulie Delpy , actress Sagittarius
1969 January 13
Search with google:Kakuo MiyazakyKakuo Miyazaky , disegnatore Capricorn
Search with google:Karen MulderKaren Mulder , actress
1969 October 31
Search with google:Kim Rossi StuartKim Rossi Stuart , actor Scorpio
1969 November 20
Search with google:Kristian GhedinaKristian Ghedina , skier Scorpio
1969 January 29
Search with google:Lara MagoniLara Magoni , sciatrice Aquarius
1969 September 13
Search with google:Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin , Group Virgo
1969 December 28
Search with google:Linus TorvaldsLinus Torvalds , Finnish computer programmer (Linux creator) Capricorn
1969 March 13
Search with google:Luca BucciLuca Bucci , soccer player Pisces
1969 December 26
Search with google:Luca ColomboLuca Colombo , athlete Capricorn
1969 January 17
Search with google:Lukas Moodysson Karl FrederikLukas Moodysson Karl Frederik , movie director, sceneggiatore,writer (born at Lund) Capricorn
1969 September 20
Search with google:Mafalda Principessa d AostaMafalda Principessa d Aosta , Noble Virgo
1969 August 02
Search with google:Marco VillaMarco Villa , cyclist Leo
1969 January 05
Search with google:Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson , PPP Capricorn
1969 June 05
Search with google:Marina ReiMarina Rei , singer Gemini
1969 February 08
Search with google:Mary McCormackMary McCormack , actress Aquarius
1969 August 19
Search with google:Mattghew PerryMattghew Perry , actor Leo
1969 November 04
Search with google:Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey , actor (born at Uvalde,Texas,USA) Scorpio
1969 March 13
Search with google:Michele PasinatoMichele Pasinato , athlete Pisces
1969 December 16
Search with google:Michelle SmithMichelle Smith , nuotatrice (born at Rathcoole) Sagittarius
1969 November 12
Search with google:MiettaMietta , singer Scorpio
1969 May 24
Search with google:Nathalie CaldonazzoNathalie Caldonazzo , dancer, actress Gemini
1969 November 23
Search with google:Nicoletta MantovaniNicoletta Mantovani , moglie Luciano Pavarotti Sagittarius
1969 May 13
Search with google:Nikos AliagasNikos Aliagas , WORK Taurus
1969 January 08
Search with google:Paola PezzoPaola Pezzo , cyclist Capricorn
1969 June 21
Search with google:Phil MasingaPhil Masinga , soccer player Gemini
1969 March 04
Search with google:Pierluigi CasiraghiPierluigi Casiraghi , soccer player Pisces
1969 January 19
Search with google:Predrag MijatovicPredrag Mijatovic , soccer player Capricorn
1969 August 22
Search with google:RabaramaRabarama , pittrice,scultrice (Paola Epifani) (born at Rome,Italy) Leo
1969 June 28
Search with google:Raul MasingaRaul Masinga , soccer player (born at Klerksdorp) Cancer
1969 November 19
Search with google:Richard VirenqueRichard Virenque , cyclist Scorpio
1969 February 28
Search with google:Robert Sean LeonardRobert Sean Leonard , actor Pisces
1969 April 17
Search with google:Sean BeanSean Bean , actor Aries
1969 November 04
Search with google:Sean CombsSean Combs , rapper (Puff Daddy) (born at New York City,USA) Scorpio
Search with google:Sergio S. PauloSergio S. Paulo , soccer player
1969 January 11
Search with google:Stanley TucciStanley Tucci , actor Capricorn
1969 April 18
Search with google:Stefan SchwarzStefan Schwarz , soccer player Aries
1969 January 13
Search with google:Stefania BelmondoStefania Belmondo , sciatrice Capricorn
1969 June 14
Search with google:Steffi GrafSteffi Graf , Tennis player (born at Mannheim, Germania) Gemini
Search with google:Susanna HuckstepSusanna Huckstep , dancer
1969 May 19
Search with google:Thomas VinterbergThomas Vinterberg , actor Taurus
Search with google:Tonino MartinoTonino Martino , soccer player (born at Turrivalignani,Italy)
1969 May 30
Search with google:Trey ParkerTrey Parker , actor Gemini
1969 May 22
Search with google:Veronica LoganVeronica Logan , actress Gemini
1969 October 11
Search with google:Yuri ChechiYuri Chechi , ginnasta (born at Prato) Libra
Year 1969's Notable Deaths
1969 February 02
Search with google:Boris KarloffBoris Karloff , actor(William Henry Pratt) (born 1887 November 23) Sagittarius
1969 August 09
Search with google:Cecil Frank PowellCecil Frank Powell , physicist
1969 March 28
Search with google:Dwight David EisenhowerDwight David Eisenhower , 34th president USA, general (WW 2) (dead at Washington DC,USA) (born 1890 October 14) Libra
1969 September 02
Search with google:Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh , Vietnamese communist revolutionary,President of North Vietnam (born 1890 May 19) Taurus
1969 October 21
Search with google:Jack KerouacJack Kerouac , writer (born 1922 March 12) Pisces
1969 November 18
Search with google:Joseph P. KennedyJoseph P. Kennedy , politician (born 1888 September 06) Virgo
1969 June 22
Search with google:Judy GarlandJudy Garland , actress,singer,dancer (Frances Ethel Gumm) (dead at London,UK) (born 1922 June 10) Gemini
1969 August 17
Search with google:Ludwig Mies van der RoheLudwig Mies van der Rohe , architect,designer tedesco (born 1886 March 27) Aries
1969 August 31
Search with google:Rocky MarcianoRocky Marciano , heavyweight champ
1969 August 09
Search with google:Sharon TateSharon Tate , actress
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