Year 1964

Year 1964Events and photos of Year 1964.
1 May 1964
Search with google:John George KemenyJohn George Kemeny and Search with google:Thomas Eugene KurtzThomas Eugene Kurtz ran the first computer program written in $BASIC (Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)$
11 June 1964
Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa
11 June 1964
Search with google:Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment
14 March 1964
Search with google:Jack RubyJack Ruby convicted of murder in slaying of Search with google:Lee Harvey OswaldLee Harvey Oswald
15 March 1964
Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor marry (for the first time) in Montreal
17 April 1964
In the United States, the Ford Mustang is officially unveiled to the public
China detonates its first atomic bomb
President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy issues Warren Report concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone
Color television makes its way into USA homes
2 July 1964
President Search with google:Lyndon JohnsonLyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law, abolishing racial segregation in the United States
24 September 1964
The Search with google:Warren Commission ReportWarren Commission Report, the first official investigation of the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy, is published
4 April 1964
The Beatles hold the top 5 positions in the Billboard Top singles in USA: $Can't Buy Me Love$, Search with google:Twist and ShoutTwist and Shout, Search with google:She Loves YouShe Loves You, Search with google:I Want to Hold Your HandI Want to Hold Your Hand, and Search with google:Please Please MePlease Please Me
October 1964
Search with google:KhrushchevKhrushchev is deposed; Search with google:KosyginKosygin becomes premier and Search with google:BrezhnevBrezhnev becomes first secretary of the Communist Party
28 March 1964
Alaska, Prince William Sound - 131 deads - magnitudo 9.2
Nobel Prizes Literature: Search with google:Jean-Paul SartreJean-Paul Sartre
Nobel Prizes Physics: Search with google:Nikolaj Gennadievic BasovNikolaj Gennadievic Basov, Search with google:Aleksandr Mikhailovich ProkhorovAleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov, Search with google:Charles Hard TownesCharles Hard Townes
Nobel Prizes Physiology or Medicine: Search with google:Konrad BlochKonrad Bloch, Search with google:Feodor LynenFeodor Lynen
Nobel Prizes Chemistry: Search with google:Dorothy Crowfoot HodgkinDorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, per la sua determinazione, attraverso l'utilizzo dei raggi X, delle strutture di importanti sostanze biochimiche
Nobel Prizes Peace: Search with google:Martin Luther KingMartin Luther King
Tennis Wimbledon Men: Roy Emerson d. F. Stolle (6-4 12-10 4-6 6-3)
Baseball World Series: St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-3 New York Yankees (AL)
Tennis Wimbledon Women: Maria Bueno d. M.Smith (6-4 7-9 6-3)
WINTER OLYMPICS, Winter Olympics IX: Search with google:InnsbruckInnsbruck, Austria
NBA, Basketball NBA Championship: Boston Celtics d. SF Warriors (4-1)
UEFA Champions League, UEFA Champions League: FC Internazionale Milano (Italy)
SUMMER OLYMPICS, Summer Olympics XVIII: Tokyo (Japan)
1964 Playboy cover
Year 1964's Notable Births
1964 March 29
Elle Macpherson, model (born at Killara, Australia) Aries
1964 September 02
Keanu Reeves, actor (born at Beirut, Libano) Virgo
1964 February 18
Matt Dillon, actor (born at New Rochelle, New York,USA) Aquarius
1964 January 17
Michelle Obama, First Lady of the %USA% (born at Chicago, Illinois, USA) Capricorn
1964 September 30
Monica Bellucci, actress (born at Città di Castello,Italy) Libra
1964 January 07
Nicolas Cage, actor (born at Long Beach, California, USA) Capricorn
1964 April 07
Russell Crowe, PROF (born at New Zealand) Aries
1964 July 26
Sandra Bullock, actress (born at Arlington, Virginia, USA) Leo
1964 December 08
Teri Hatcher, actress (born at Palo Alto, California, USA) Sagittarius
1964 October 18
Search with google:Agnès JaouiAgnès Jaoui , actress Libra
1964 June 12
Search with google:Alberto D AguannoAlberto D Aguanno , journalist (born at Rome,Italy) (dead 2006 December 09) Gemini
1964 March 02
Search with google:Alessandro BenettonAlessandro Benetton , entrepreneur Pisces
1964 October 31
Search with google:Amanda SandrelliAmanda Sandrelli , actress (born at LosannaSwitzerland) Scorpio
1964 March 24
Search with google:Annabella SciorraAnnabella Sciorra , actress Aries
1964 October 01
Search with google:Anthony DelonAnthony Delon , actor (born at Los Angeles, California,USA) Libra
1964 February 29
Search with google:Antonella PonzianAntonella Ponzian , actress Pisces
1964 October 10
Search with google:Antonio AlbaneseAntonio Albanese , actor comic (born at Olginate,Italy) Libra
1964 December 19
Search with google:Beatrice DalleBeatrice Dalle , actress Sagittarius
1964 January 27
Search with google:Bridget FondaBridget Fonda , actress (born at Los Angeles,California,USA) Aquarius
1964 November 11
Search with google:Calista FlockhartCalista Flockhart , actress Scorpio
1964 February 05
Search with google:Carolina MoraceCarolina Morace , opinionista sportiva Aquarius
1964 February 16
Search with google:Christopher EcclestonChristopher Eccleston , actor Aquarius
1964 September 30
Search with google:Cinzia LenziCinzia Lenzi , television host Libra
1964 July 03
Search with google:Connie NielsenConnie Nielsen , actress Cancer
Search with google:Courteney Cox Bass ArquetteCourteney Cox Bass Arquette , actress,model
1964 July 09
Search with google:Courtney LoveCourtney Love , musician,actress Cancer
1964 July 06
Search with google:Cristina D AvenaCristina D Avena , singer (born at Italy) Cancer
1964 November 03
Search with google:Cristina ParodiCristina Parodi , journalist (born at Italy) Scorpio
1964 June 22
Search with google:Dan BrownDan Brown , writer (born at Exeter, New Hampshire,USA) Cancer
1964 April 01
Search with google:Daniel QuinnDaniel Quinn , actor Aries
1964 November 29
Search with google:Don CheadleDon Cheadle , actor Sagittarius
1964 March 10
Search with google:Edoardo Principe d InghilterraEdoardo Principe d Inghilterra , principe Pisces
1964 January 18
Search with google:Enrico Lo VersoEnrico Lo Verso , actor Capricorn
1964 February 17
Search with google:Enrico LucciEnrico Lucci , television host Aquarius
1964 November 30
Search with google:Fabio FazioFabio Fazio , television host Sagittarius
1964 May 22
Search with google:Fiona GélinFiona Gélin , actress Gemini
1964 January 01
Search with google:Francesca AlottaFrancesca Alotta , singer Capricorn
1964 February 10
Search with google:Francesca NeriFrancesca Neri , actress Aquarius
1964 July 09
Search with google:Gianluca VialliGianluca Vialli , soccer player (born at Italy) Cancer
1964 February 14
Search with google:Gianni BugnoGianni Bugno , cyclist (born at Brugg,Switzerland) Aquarius
1964 December 06
Search with google:Giulio BaseGiulio Base , actor Sagittarius
1964 October 09
Search with google:Guillermo del ToroGuillermo del Toro , actor Libra
1964 July 17
Search with google:Heather LangenkampHeather Langenkamp , actress Cancer
1964 March 31
Search with google:Isabella FerrariIsabella Ferrari , actress Aries
1964 May 02
Search with google:Jan KounenJan Kounen , actor Taurus
1964 September 28
Search with google:Janeane GarofanoJaneane Garofano , actress Libra
1964 June 11
Search with google:Jean AlesiJean Alesi , Formula1 driver (born at Avignone, France) Gemini
1964 January 12
Search with google:Jeff BezosJeff Bezos , Internet entrepreneur (born at Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA) Capricorn
1964 January 23
Search with google:Joe ChampaJoe Champa , actress Aquarius
1964 July 22
Search with google:John LeguizamoJohn Leguizamo , actor Cancer
1964 September 23
Search with google:Josefa IdemJosefa Idem , athlete tedesca Libra
1964 January 09
Search with google:Judith KrantzJudith Krantz , writer Capricorn
1964 March 09
Search with google:Juliette BinocheJuliette Binoche , actress Pisces
1964 July 30
Search with google:Jurgen KlinsmannJurgen Klinsmann , soccer player Leo
1964 August 01
Search with google:Kaspar CapparoniKaspar Capparoni , actor Leo
1964 November 20
Search with google:Katharina BohmKatharina Bohm , actress (born at Sorengo) Scorpio
1964 May 26
Search with google:Lenny KravitzLenny Kravitz , singer Gemini
1964 February 01
Search with google:Linus RoacheLinus Roache , actor Aquarius
1964 July 28
Search with google:Lori LoughlinLori Loughlin , actress (born at Queens) Leo
1964 October 29
Search with google:Luciana LittizzettoLuciana Littizzetto , actress comica (born at Torino,Italy) Scorpio
1964 September 20
Search with google:Maggie CheungMaggie Cheung , actress (born at Hong Kong, Cina) Virgo
1964 September 18
Search with google:Marco MasiniMarco Masini , singer Virgo
1964 October 31
Search with google:Marco Van BastenMarco Van Basten , soccer player (born at Utrecht,Netherlands) Scorpio
1964 March 24
Search with google:Maria Luisa BusiMaria Luisa Busi , journalist tv Aries
1964 December 04
Search with google:Marisa TomeiMarisa Tomei , actress Sagittarius
1964 August 02
Search with google:Mary Louise ParkerMary Louise Parker , actress Leo
1964 August 02
Search with google:Mathieu CarrièreMathieu Carrière , actress Leo
1964 August 22
Search with google:Mats WilanderMats Wilander , Tennis player Leo
1964 March 07
Search with google:Mauro GianettiMauro Gianetti , cyclist Pisces
1964 January 16
Search with google:Mavi FelliMavi Felli , actress Capricorn
1964 May 08
Search with google:Melissa GilbertMelissa Gilbert , actress Taurus
1964 July 16
Search with google:Miguel IndurainMiguel Indurain , cyclist (born at Villava,Spain) Cancer
1964 April 10
Search with google:Nancy BrilliNancy Brilli , actress Aries
1964 March 19
Search with google:Nicola LariniNicola Larini , Formula1 driver Pisces
1964 January 17
Search with google:Osvald TötschOsvald Tötsch , skier (born at Sterzing) Capricorn
1964 March 05
Search with google:PacificoPacifico , singer Pisces
1964 September 14
Search with google:Paola MagoniPaola Magoni , sciatrice Virgo
1964 May 21
Search with google:Paola SaluzziPaola Saluzzi , actress Gemini
1964 September 12
Search with google:Paola TurciPaola Turci , singer Virgo
1964 May 18
Search with google:Paolo VallesiPaolo Vallesi , singer Taurus
1964 January 13
Search with google:Penelope Ann MillerPenelope Ann Miller , actress Capricorn
1964 May 20
Search with google:Petr KellnerPetr Kellner , entrepreneur (born at Ceská Lípa, Repubblica Ceca) Taurus
1964 March 22
Search with google:PoohPooh , Group Aries
1964 May 01
Search with google:Principessa Sara Jones AmstrongPrincipessa Sara Jones Amstrong , Regale Taurus
1964 May 09
Search with google:Richard PramottonRichard Pramotton , skier Taurus
1964 March 17
Search with google:Rob LoweRob Lowe , actor Pisces
Search with google:Roberta TermaliRoberta Termali , actress
1964 November 27
Search with google:Roberto ManciniRoberto Mancini , soccer palyer and coach (born at Jesi,Ancona,Italy) Sagittarius
1964 May 04
Search with google:Rocco SiffrediRocco Siffredi , actor porno (born at Italy) Taurus
1964 September 06
Search with google:Rosie PerezRosie Perez , actress Virgo
1964 June 28
Search with google:Sabrina FerilliSabrina Ferilli , actress Cancer
1964 September 09
Search with google:Silvana FallisiSilvana Fallisi , actress (born at Buccheri) Virgo
1964 February 22
Search with google:Simona TagliSimona Tagli , television host Pisces
1964 March 17
Search with google:Stefano BorgonovoStefano Borgonovo , soccer player (born at Giussano,Italy) (dead 2013 June 27) Pisces
1964 May 13
Search with google:Stephen ColbertStephen Colbert , WORK Taurus
1964 August 12
Search with google:Teo MammucariTeo Mammucari , television host (born at Velletri) Leo
1964 October 19
Search with google:Tiberio TimperiTiberio Timperi , television host (born at Rome,Italy) Libra
1964 September 29
Search with google:Tom SizemoreTom Sizemore , actor Libra
1964 May 20
Search with google:Tonino ValeriiTonino Valerii , actor Taurus
1964 March 30
Search with google:Tracy ChapmanTracy Chapman , singer Aries
1964 November 16
Search with google:Valeria Bruni TedeschiValeria Bruni Tedeschi , actress Scorpio
1964 May 30
Search with google:Wynonna JuddWynonna Judd , singer Gemini
Year 1964's Notable Deaths
1964 June 18
Giorgio Morandi, painter, incisore (dead at Bologna,Italy) (born 1890 July 20) Cancer
1964 January 29
Search with google:Alan LaddAlan Ladd , actor (dead at Palm Springs, California, USA) (born 1913 September 03) Virgo
1964 August 19
Search with google:Ardengo SofficiArdengo Soffici , poet, writer,painter (born 1879 April 07) Aries
1964 March 20
Search with google:Brendan BehanBrendan Behan , writer (dead at Dublin, Ireland) (born 1923 February 09) Aquarius
1964 April 05
Search with google:Douglas MacArthurDouglas MacArthur , general (Pacific theater-WW II)
1964 September 28
Search with google:Harpo MarxHarpo Marx , actor di Marx Brothers (born 1888 November 23) Sagittarius
1964 October 20
Search with google:Herbert HooverHerbert Hoover , 31st President of US (1929-1933) (dead at New York,USA) (born 1874 August 10) Leo
1964 August 12
Search with google:Ian FlemingIan Fleming , writer (born 1908 May 28) Gemini
1964 April 14
Search with google:Rachel CarsonRachel Carson , biologist/author
1964 January 17
Search with google:T.H. WhiteT.H. White , author
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